Tuesday, November 29, 2011

holy moly...I am...

Where has November gone?!?
let me answer that for you..well at least in my case... i started my new job and literally working almost everyday. and of course going out with my friends for a drink (ok maybe way more than ever needed for me), getting sick again, a FINAL DIVORCE, thanksgiving, FOOTBALL and I just got back from seeing a sweet buah in georgia :)
and holy moly
I cant believe Christmas will be here in less than a month...
and I haven't done any shopping whatsoever you know where all my money has been going?
in de bank or in my secret hiding place getting saved for court that is in a week or so...
that I am not ready because this shit is expensive, never ever again will I do that eva eva again...
but I go talk to my lawyer again tomorrow to officially hire his expensive butt to get me out of this mess but first push back my court date for-umm-ever...not, a girl can dream right? but hopefully a couple of months so I can save more of my precious hard earned moneys working my little butt off...

So anywho...
I will update in sections :)

ohhh and i know my last post was a little too much of my bitching..PMS got the best of me..
and I so over slept for that appointment and it is rescheduled in Dec sometime...


My Divorce is FINAL...
YES you read that right... this girl is finally single officially and I can't be more happy so what do I do?
throw a divorce party... i know some people think that is wrong trust me I heard from quite a few people so before I get to  the pics you shall read my facebook status from the other day (if you don't agree) :

Those of you who have a problem with me celebrating my divorce with my divorce party can get over it... U were not ever in my marriage, or ever had to put up with a unsupportive, lying, abusive spouse...so if I wanna celebrate guess what I am bc I am finally out of misery and putting up with him and cheers to a new life and new beginnings so f off and ur opinion isnt needed and never will be :)

So now that we have that all cleared up... 
here are some of the pics...
yes I had too many shots.. and was a weee bit intoxicated okay extremely


I started my new job... Trained for 5 days and 5 tests to pass, then had a week of what they call "audition week" to make sure it works out for you and your the person they were looking for and the best part of the crazy weeks is my best friend "S" got hired the same day so we had orientation, training and audition week together..I love working there now making way better money, enjoying work and getting along with everyone who works there AND entertaining the customers just gotta say thats my favorite part...

me "hard at work" :)


This year was the first year I didn't get to spend turkey day with my family or in louisiana, it felt so weird staying at home with all my family spread across the U.S.
So I spent it with some friends who also didn't have family around to celebrate...
So the night before me and "K" went shopping for food..
and the next morning we went to cooking..
We made ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, mac n cheese, green bean casserole, corn bread, sweet potatoes, rolls, pie and WINE :)

all of it turned out amazing and I am so thankful for so much...

Georgia <3


rolll tideee baby

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The exciting post that is suppose to be this is on hold...
this is a serious girl problem I have some questions...
(so if any of my lovely readers are men you might not want to read this and it has a lot of tmi..so you have been WARNED)

So we're are talking about shark week again...
no not the ones in the ocean, my period is referred to as shark week
ever since I saw this picture.. 

 i find it quite funny...
but that isn't what I am here to talk about...
so GETTING back on topic!!!

I am here to talk about Aunt Flow (for those who don't know who aunt flow is, it is my period)

Ok and well ever since I ever got my period at 16,
I have suffered from the worst cramping ever every month, and not just where my ovaries are at, its in my back and legs also!!! I am not kidding when I put on a scale of 1 to 10 pain level on my cramps that it is a 10... every month I have to miss 2-3 days of school or work so I can lay in bed in the fetal position with my heating pad, and drugging myself with pain killers (that don't even really help... might I add) and cry until I pass out...it even hurts to walk and cough!!! I don't know what is going on I have went to my ob doctors who always give me a ultrasound and find a ovarian cyst yeah i know they can cause pain but this much every single month just on the first few days of around and on my period???  my sister has them and she does not go threw this pain I go through on her period! I asked the doctors to check me for endometriosis! I guess the doctor thinks I am being a big baby and can't handle period cramps! 
I know these pains aren't normal! Why?
1. It hurts to walk 
2. no pain killers work to ease the pain 
3. It hurts to use the restroom (number 1 and 2) 
4. Its not even heavy
5. I keep having miscarriages around 6-8 wks.
6. i am either  having diarrhea, constipation, or very nausea
7. sex is painful right before and after my period

and when I was researching about this:

                                             In addition, many women with endometriosis suffer from:
                                                                     Allergies (all the time)
                                               Chemical sensitivities (i dont know really about this one)
       Frequent yeast infections (and yep just got over one last month and had one a month before that one)

Im honestly scared, a lot of people who have endometriosis can't have kids, my heart will break more than ever if I ever find out that I can't have kids of my own!

I am going to the doctor Friday to hopefully get answers!
Until then have any of you ladies had or have endometriosis or anything similar please share!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I got?!

I got a job, I got a job, I got a job...
ahhh im so stinking excited!!!

<insert happy dance here>


hello...white little tank top, orange shorts and big tippers... 
I have orientation on Thursday and then hopefully I will start training next week, 
and best part about the job is half of my friends work there 
and miss. sarah
she's gorgeous and my new bestie...
which is weird because I hate girls usually! 


more exciting news coming up next post...

signed, stamped, sealed & shipped...

On Friday, I finally had the strength and courage to sign and mail out the divorce papers,
I waited so long because I wanted to make sure that is what I wanted...
It was one of the hardest things to do, but one of the best decisions I have made!
I didn't deserve half the stuff I had put up with in my marriage;
but I put up with it all because I was in love and my heart was set he was the one 
and he had me believe I couldn't have or do better!
Love is blind, only when you blame yourself and don't want to believe the truth!

I don't regret it...
I have changed a lot going through this,
I have two angels in heaven who keep me going their my guardian angels;
I have grown strong, but hell I had to fight myself to get through it;
I learned to fight for myself and follow my heart and mind;
I learned to let go of things that I can't change;
I learned if someone truly loves you, 
they wouldn't hurt you they would protect you! 
I am a strong person thanks to this,
my heart is still hurting but time will heal it;
 my Prince can find me one day until then
I will be on my couch, eating junk food, and watching cartoons... 

Just some quotes I love that keep me going...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

to do..or not to do

First off I hope everyone had a great & safe HALLOWEEN!
For once I didn't go out and by a costume I was Jwoww off jersey shore but the southern belle version of her! at least thats what I told some people, even though I clearly came dressed as yours truly, myself haha. 

s, me, g, & k :)

Since I have no chance of being able to go into the military for a year or two (even if then),
I decided I want to go back to college? What for you ask? 
Eff if I know I have no idea for sure what I wanna be when i grow up!
My mind changes everyday! I wanna be so many different things, not just have one career, I get bored EASY!!! So what do I do?? ahhh...its so stressful having to pick a career not knowing if you are gonna love it or not knowing I dont have the real experience hands on..hmm!!!  

Here is some of the careers I want or thought about doing:
the top 3

Elementary Teacher:
 I love kids and helping/watching them learn new things, 
and would love making the little crafts for their projects in there class.
Also, when I get married again if I ever do and have kids, I will be off every weekend, holiday and summer to be able to spend time with my family! 

Or will I end up like Mrs. Diaz on Bad Teacher? lol.
(Totally off subject but if you haven't seen this movie you better run your happy butt to redbox
 and rent it this shizz is soo hilarious!)


Pediatric Dental Hygienist-
I don't mind teeth okay well I don't mind kids mouth, they don't know better about all the proper ways of keeping your teeth cleaned the right way! I use to hate the dentist until I had one hygienist who cared and taught me everything was ok and teach me the right way, and ever since then I have wanted to be one for KIDS ONLY! 
adults know better and some of there teeth, gag me now! I rather not touch them haha! 
So I know a lot of dental offices are both kids and adults! But I would want to mainly work with just the children! 


Office Manager/ Receptionist

My mom has always been one, she loves it! I always use to go to work with her and help her, and when I was in high school I worked at my uncles Chiropractic office as his assistant/ receptionist... 
I loved it, the only thing is they don't always pay that well! 

If all else fails, I guess I will have to be a...


IM ONLY KIDDING! I could never be a stripper, not me! I may have been on a pole a lot, but not for a job only exercise or out dancing! Never got paid for my horrible pole dancing skills! 

but honestly...

part of me still wants to go into the military, but knowing there is a chance that I won't be allowed too, kills it! I can't just wait around waiting and then find out I won't be able to! So college will be good for me, I am honestly thinking about just getting my associates degree in General Studies until I figure out for sure what career I want to do or if I can get into the military! One thing is for sure I dont want to be living with my parents forever, I plan to be out in two years max! Love them to death but I am becoming a big girl I need to put these on...

my big girl panties and grow up and move out on my own with a big girl job...
hahaha :)