Sunday, May 29, 2011

ohhh if you weren't so cute!!!

oh little miss trouble i mean swayze...

so this is our little girl, she is 13 months old, 
and spoiled rotten and loves to run over her momma
because she knows she can,
 until tonight this little brat is sneaky and decided to 
FAKE asleep, when I am eating and so I thought I
could turn away for a second and my plate of food would 
be fine because the husband is upstairs NOPE WRONG!!!!
This little sneaky butt took advantage of those few seconds and jacked my chicken ran and hid, when I turned around they were both gone!

She is sooo lucky I love her!!!

Hope everyone is having a great memorial day weekend,
don't forget why we celebrate it for all those service members who lost their life
and stay safe! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting to know me :)


Hey everyone my name is Courtney.
I am twenty years old, waiting for the big 2-1 (after that I am done with birthdays.hehe)
I was born in Kanas, but raised in southern Alabama, and now thanks to the army I am at our first duty station Fort Hood, Texas! I am married to a solider in the U.S. Army and proud to be his wife since Feb. 11, 2010. So far me and my husband have had a rocky start, 2 miscarriages and almost divorced, but thankfully we can work out our issues!  He has my heart along with our fur-baby Swayze (you will learn more about the two of them later).I am a college student and thinking about going into nursing for maternal and neonatal at CTC! I recently just quit smoking and so far sticking to it and I feel much better!  I can taste and smell better than ever.

some little facts

my favorite color is any shade of blue, but i buy everything in pink... lol
my eyes are hazel, so they change colors depending on what I wear and if i am happy, sad or mad!
I love reading, Emily Giffin and Nicholas Sparks are my favorites.
I love movies, its my escape from reality and it clears my mind!
make up is my favorite
I love anything sparkly and glittery
Hello kitty, zebra and cheeta print is my obsession.
I love decorating my house.
My dog is like my baby.
trash tv is my favorite

but thats all i can think of right now hope everyone has a great day :)

**my silly signature faces... hehe**


Thursday, May 26, 2011

First blog post and a little story :)

Hey everyone! I am Courtney from Life of a Southern Belle, I decided to make a new blog because my last one was all so negative because I was going through one of the hardest times so far in my life a divorce and I just wanted to start fresh now that a lot of stuff is out of the picture and great things were brought back into my life including my husband so NO DIVORCE YIPEE, we are back together and working everything out! I know a lot of people are not happy about this and I know everyone has their own opinions and are looking out for us (and I am glad i have people who care dont get me wrong), but I am too the point were I am just getting highly annoyed by it all, all the negative stuff is not helping at all and no matter what I am going to do what I want it is MY LIFE, OUR MARRIAGE, if you dont like it I am sorry but you have to get over it! Until then let me make my own choices and be happy with my life! 
whooo..sorry i had to get that out! 

I am so happy we are working everything out, I never felt so happy or comfortable with someone until he came along in November 2009! (that story will be later) After we spilt because of personal reasons I became someone I didn't even know, I was depressed, hurt, felt alone even though I was with people 24/7! It sucked I hated my life without him, and I tried to make myself happy with some of the wrong things: alcohol, and dating other people worst choice ever i know! Finally I had enough balls to just call him and tell him how I felt and I wanted to work things out! So a few days later I loaded up my car and headed to Texas! I had the craziest butterflies, i was scared, anxious, excited, and nervous all at once driving 10 hours and not knowing what is gonna happen I was a little crazy! haha..


everything is working out great so far...
and I am back to happy Courtney! 

he always has to make a silly face in mostly every picture
reason#38593 why i love him!

P.S.i will post more about us and more happier note on my next post :)