Saturday, July 30, 2011

pinterest, a little venting & birthday plans :)

Why haven't I known about Pinterest until the other day? 
I am in love and already have my dream home ideas, crafting, hair, photography ideas & a workout plan in one place and its still growing! my life is now jk.. not taking it that far but it is now one of my favorite sites including good ol' facebook, google+, youtube and of course blogger!

& since I am talking sites, im bring up facebook, and the fact about how some people can be sooo mean, i guess maybe because its all online they grow some balls and go off on some people about their own opinions on their own personal site, bc i know for sure if some people had the balls to type some of the stuff i seen they better have the balls to face me, face to face and I would love to hear it from them in person so I can knock them out right after! I get everyone has a opinion but to go on someone else's fb and cause a scene telling them they're wrong yadayadaya is not right, if you don't agree and you know your just cause a problem simply don't go crazy and cruel to the other person on their site hellooo u won't win.. because that person in my view wouldn't let u win and they have friends who take up for them, so simply just remove that post or that person! 

and another one fighting or arguing with your spouse or love one on facebook, not cute and it makes you look bad, that's why they have chat and personal messaging! so my advice don't do it and don't complain about him/ her because people aren't going to forget the negative stuff trust me I did some stuff like that before and well guess what everyone remembers? the bad!

Ok i am done with my rant, sorry for that, blogger sometimes, ok all the time becomes the place i can vent too hehe :)  

on to birthday plans...

"Finally 21, and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 15."
~ Anonymous

Oh that quote sooo cute and sooo true :) 

But I am trying to figure out what all to do for my birthday, our plans at first were to go down to austin and hit 6th st. but finical issues had to come burst my bubble, and the casinos well there 5 hrs away, so I am stuck having my party here, so I am thinking about going out to eat somewhere, because this girl loves food, and having a few drinks and then after party with this cake..

(i wish)

and some more drinks, beer pong and a good time with my husbands and some friends? 
is that a lame 21rst birthday? 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

back to smiles :)

Man was I in a funk yesterday sorry for being miss negative nancy, but thanks for the sweet comments
and wanted to say welcome to my new followers feel free to stop by and say hey :) 

Today was quite interesting but a good one! 
After class me and my husband went to my doctors app. and well we waited at the wrong department for like 10 mins, and then we were sent on a hunt to find the right place, but thank goodness the doctor still saw me because we were super late, and she was awesome and so helpful she actually cared and listened to what I had to say unlike some doctors on this base, who send me off with pain killers and a antibiotic that they think fixes but not this one I won't find out any results until like a month because I still have to have a blood test, ultrasound, follow up with my doctor and my hubs has to have his blood test, his "fishies" counted (if you know what I and some other tests done to see if everything is fine with my baby making! but that doctor changed my diet NO SODA, SWEET TEA, SWEETS blah blah blah! I am gonna miss them but baby making sounds better even though we arent trying yet, I just wanna do whats best for my body, oh and I have to work out 30 minutes a day and walking up and down my stairs or to the fridge don't count what a jk! 

but after that app we went to mcdonalds, barnes & nobles and got some frozen yogurt SCORE 
then I got to come home to rest and watch my shows and the hubs made dinner what a keeper ;)

but I want to do a question post, so if you have any questions you want me to answer feel free to email me 

well i gotta go finish studying and hit the pillow with my head nighty night blog world :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

do you ever...

read at your own risk...

Have a day where you wish you could just sleep it away?? 

Well I am having one of those days after I woke up from my nap earlier, everything went down hill and I just want to go back to bed & wake up tomorrow, my manager texted me to tell me she took me off the schedule because I missed a "mandatory" meeting (that I thought she said was next sunday, not last sunday), and I that I never texted her back (that I NEVER got might I add), telling her why I missed the meeting! WTF? I wanna know when it became professional for a manager to text and never call?? So now I am unemployed, but the good thing about not having a job is that I can focus more on school and getting my pharmacy tech certification sooner & make more bows and work on other crafts! 
other little bs that has made my day even worse below:
My brother also got in trouble for the interview my dad did on him, because they didn't approve it first! 
I wanted to make cupcakes and guess what out of some of the ingredients! 
I offically messed up cooking mac-n-cheese, who does that?? this girl! 
I made my first c on a test in math, I have made all a's until then! 
and along with all this I have a headache! 

:'( SAD DAY!!!!

Going to watch my shows, do homework and eat then early bed time for this girl have a very important doctors app tomorrow morning too see if I can have and hold babies full term! Wish me luck! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Family News

I want to dedicate this post to my older brother joey who is in the Marines, last August he was shot in the kevlar on his tour in Afghanistan last summer, his kevlar saved his life, a month before he was hit by an IED! The video below gives more details! He is truly my hero and so glad God was looking out for you!

My dad did an interview today for a local news station in our home town about it! 

his tour over in afghanistan 

his kevlar after... :'(

new design & blog name

I decided to change my blog name and get a new design too it, I wanted something more personal and I think I made it just right, "Keeping up with Courtney"! My blog is random, I never know what is gonna come up in this crazy little head on mine, but when it is good I will post about it, I know I am not the best writer and most of my posts have more pictures then words, but it's my blog and I love pictures and stuff to actually show you exactly what I am talking about, because most of the times my words don't come out correctly or I just repeat myself! haha! But I am gonna work on my writing skills and maybe one done I will have more of a novel then a picture book! :)

But anywho, what do yall think of it?

ohhh yeah, can anyone tell me how to make a cute signature for my blog? :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

weekend recap & 10 day challenge

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, we didn't do too much this weekend I didn't have to work all weekend or until next thursday thank god because I hate that job! I rather work at mcdonalds, ok maybe not; I am just ready for a "real" job! So my weekend consisted of  me being lazy all weekend and worked on making bows, I just started so I am trying to find new ideas! My husband had off yesterday and we had a little classy date to whataburger and hobby lobby. and omg I am in love my husband literally had to grab my hand and take me out the store but I got some new ideas and got some new stuff for my ribbon making and next time I am going by myself! hehe! Then we went home and watched our new favorite show "Rescue Me" we are on season 2 and the show is great, I am glad me and my husband finally have "a show" I know that may sound cheesy but it makes me happy! 
We always went over to a friends house for guys poker night, and movie night for the girls, but of course I wanted to be one of the guys and learn to play poker, and I guess I was good because I won half the pot only because it was me and one of my husbands friends playing because everyone else lost (mwhahaha) but everyone was tired and we just decided to stop right there and spilt it, I won 25 dollars, whoot whoot! Now I want to go to the casinos for my 21rst birthday oh lawdy! lol. this is gonna be trouble! :) 

Well here is some of the bows I made: 

I might start selling them once I have more experience and I get better :) 

day 8 
three films 

life as we know it :) 

my all time favorite where the heart is :) 

p.s i love you 

I am a big movie person, but these 3 are in my top favorites and ones I can watch over and over again! 

day 9
Two songs 

strawberry wine 

if i die young by the band perry

day 10 
a picture of yourself

Friday, July 22, 2011

creativity bone :)

So I have been wanting to start making bows, signs, & anything that I can be creative with, I miss my artsy side of me and I don't mean to sound cocky but I am good at making SOME things and decorating and I enjoy doing it! But my creativity fades in the sewing department, I just never learned how and I was wondering if anyone knew of sites that had tutorials or can give me helpful tips in sewing & bow making! 
I won't be making these bows for myself and I don't have kids so I will be doing it as a hobby and for my niece if she wants them lol..maybe I will start selling them if they're good enough! haha! 

Does anyone else make any thing creative? Feel free to share! :) 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

doctor & 10 day challenge

Life has been hectic lately,  I have not been feeling good I have had the worst cramps for the last week like cant even get out of the bed or walk up or down the stairs without wanting to scream, I know I have had a history of ovarian cysts but this seemed so much worse so I went to the doctor and they scheduled me to a fertility specialist, I am trying to find out why I have the worlds worst cramps and to see if I am able to hold babies full term it really freaks me out not knowing why and what happened before so maybe I will get good answers, no bad ones! Send prayers my way please! 

Oh and better news I quit smoking 12 weeks and 5 days ago! :))

Hope everyone has had a great week! 

last post was suppose to be day 5 not 6

day 6
five foods

chicken alfredo :)

ruby tuesday's tilapia 

turkey sandwhich from panera :) 

frozen yogurt mmm :) 

crepes :) 

Ok so these maybe the foods i want now and not my top 5 favorites! 

day 7
Four books

all emily giffin's book

the twilight saga series 

so sad too read, but a good story

better than the movie :) 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DAY 6 :)

day six
 places :) 



bora bora

gatlinburg tn



Monday, July 18, 2011

10 day you challenge day 2, 3 & 4 :)

nine loves :) 

my husband and being being married of course :) 

my two furbabies :) 

babies :) 

having my pictures taking near the beach especially at sunset :) 

reading especially emily giffin :) 

a clean organized house :)

doing makeup.. (ignore my ripped out some of my eyelashes due to shitty mascara)

going to the movies having large popcorn & drink :)

shopping :) 

Day 3:  8 fears 

1.  burning in a fire

2. drowning

3. tornadoes 

4. loosing a loved one

5.  getting my house broken into while im there

6. dying young

7. not being able to have kids



zebra chi straightner


sectional couch


to go on a cruise

zebra acu purse
dining room set

a baby :)

spa day