Thursday, March 8, 2012

abc's of me :)

I decided to do something different today, since I know I have some new followers! 
Which makes me so happy that I may or may not do a happy dance every time I see I have a new one!
So here ya go the abc's of me :)  

Age and/or Anniversary: twenty one/ dating anniversary- Nov. 28,2011
Bed size: Queen...
Chore that you hate: taking the trash out, and folding/hanging up clothes.
Dessert: frozen yogurt, cupcakes, or brownies :)
Ethnic background: I only know that I have Irish and French in me, not sure what else.
Favorite color: Pink, turquoise, black and white! I recently have been in love with coral.
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Hometown: Born in Kanas City, Kanas; but I consider my hometown to be sweet home alabama where I was raised :)
Instruments I play: none... not my thing.
Job title:  Waitress
Kids: none... I have two dogs though that I consider my kids :)
Live: A little town right outside of Mobile, AL
Middle name:  Nicole
Natural hair color: Blonde with a hint of strawberry tint.
Overnight hospital stays:  none.
Pastimes:  Traveling, blogging, cooking/baking, working out, reading, shopping, tanning, browsing Pinterest (ha), facebook, work. 
Quote:  I love quotes, and there are way too many good ones to pick a favorite.
But my motto quote that keeps me going is: Everything happens for a reason! 
Right or left handed: Righty
Siblings: 1 older sister, and 2 brothers
Time you wake up: well since I don't get off of work till almost midnight, I go to bed around 1 or 2. I usually try to wake up at 10, 11 the latest.
Underwear: thong baby.  
Vegetable you hate: I love most veggies. Brussels sprouts, squash
Weather right now: Sunny and warm. :) 
X-Rays:  full body when I got in my wreck.
Yummy meal I make: my meatloaf is the bomb, I don't much anymore my mommy does since I live with them again since my divorce! 
Zoo Animal: monkeys all the way!  

Saturday, March 3, 2012

what im loving :)

So I know that the whole "What I'm Loving" post is for Wednesday's, but I feel like being a rebel
and doing it on a Saturday! :)

J got me a plane ticket to come see him, since he isn't able to come for Spring Break as planned! 
So in 38 days my happy little butt will be hopping on the plane, chugging alcoholic beverages so I won't freak out because of my fear of being air borne! haha. 
But it will all be worth it when I am back in his arms for a whole week! :D

After hearing so many great things about this book series,
I marched my butt into the book store and picked up a copy!
I haven't really got to start it since I have been super busy being lazy and not wanting to do a damn thing besides watch movies. But I plan to start it Monday! Hope it is as good as everyone makes it out to be. :)

Getting tan before I hit the beach & going back gradually to being back a blondie. :)

Actually sticking to working out!  Hello A LOT of squats, I am in need to get a ass! It is the cool thing now, duh! ;)

Going out with my twinsy, for some much needed girl time for these amazing drinks.

Dreamsicles drink
Whipped cream Vodka
Sunny D
& whip cream