Sunday, October 23, 2011


So it's midnight here and I am up again for the 3rd night in a row, why?

Because I have an addiction...
not a terribly bad one if I say so myself! :)

Netflix is to blame because they have all the seasons besides the new one out of...

Gossip Girl.

I just finished watching Season 1, I know I am late to this show but I never knew what I was missing until now because the last few days I have been stuck in my comfy bed on netflix eating way too much junk food  (Dont worry I am still working out) but this is how I am wasting away my lovely time and I don't mind because I love it..even though SOME of the characters in this show I want to smack upside the head though but other than that I don't think I can leave my house until I finish the all the seasons...So if you don't hear from me don't worry I am stuck in my bed glued to this lovely show :) 

Thank you netflix for taking away my life 

Friday, October 21, 2011

just working on my fitness he's my witness.

haha..the title of this post is a song stuck in my head, no idea where the heck it came from 
or if those are the right lyrics or not? who knows with me i tend to make up 
my own lyrics for songs all the time! 
im weird i know so its okay :) 

But the fitness part of the title is what I wanna talk about,
so a few days ago i started working out:
my abs, booty, thighs, legs, arms and places i never knew I had muscles at! omg I am sore ha 

If you know me you know I am pretty lazy, this picture below is me like all the time watching trash tv or movies eating all day! hehe oops! 

I just wish I looked that good being lazy haha

Im not overweight or anything; I just wanna get toned and in shape
because I went running this morning, and well kinda stopped a lot to catch my breath like a lot! 
No one saw thank god because I am sure I was embarrassing myself...

thinking I looked like this...

but really looking like this but with long hair and tata's.. hahaha

I took before pictures so I can see my process of how my body changes through out my working out until I go to basic training for either the navy or coast guard just not sure which one yet :)

excuse the hott mess it was a lazy day for this girl! ha

before working out 
October 18,2011 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

catching up: first up bourbon street :)

So me and my friend K took a little road trip...

 to New Orleans to see on of my friends who just moved down there a few months ago, and went down to the "famous"

two words to describe bourbon st:


we started off our night with hand grenades after dinner with some amazing cajun food, 
which is one of the ways to when my heart; but not here nor for awhile :) 

all the entertainers down bourbon were old creeps who begged you to take a picture with them then after want you to tip them, excuse me? i believe your the one who asked me to take a picture with you, i believe your the one who needs to be tipping me..just sayin' 
and some of the people you see omgahhh i had a great laugh tho so its all good :) 

intense conversation and a hurricane drink omg every sip i took i thought i was taking a shot! 
this girl was drunk not soon after being down

I also rode a bull i will have to put the video up later when it is done downloading 
alcohol+bull rides= me falling off every 2 seconds

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

oh life

So I have been m.i.a. with no excuse really, just dealing with some hard times! 
I am not gonna get into detail, because I don't know who all reads my blog
and I don't want anyone that knows me or doesn't to judge me, I just need some prayers to get through it! 
I am okay, im just going through a rough patch in life, 
and trying to get myself back into the right direction! 
Which I will as soon as all this passes by, I am strong I know I can handle what God has given me even though sometimes I wish he didn't trust me so!
I believe in him and know everything will be ok, so I am putting it in his hands and praying to overcome this and for it too build me as a person and learn from my mistakes! :)

& if you do say a prayer for me, please don't do this kinda praying, i think someone already beat ya too it..haha

With all this bullshit that is happening I learned and want to do:
1.I learned who my true friends are
2. family is always there for you
3. God has a plan for me
4. life is about learning from your mistakes and not making the same one twice
5. I am going to talk to some recruiters tomorrow; I think joining the military is something I need to do, for my country, family, friends and myself! 
6. Be a better person
7. dont lean towards things that arent good for me
8. Get back in a better relationship with my mom & dad
9. Make time for God, and pray and go to church more!
10. CHANGE for myself 

I am going to try to blog more, now that i have all the negativity out of my life
and more time to get back in control of my life and not just vent on here :)