Wednesday, July 17, 2013

50 facts about me... Part 2

50 Facts about me.. Part 2

26. I am not a big chocolate fan.. the only time I really want it is that one time a month 

27. my favorite snack has to be either chips and salsa 
or popcorn and nacho cheese (don't knock it until you try it) 

28. I love too read.

29. Makeup is my addiction... especially more now thanks to all the beauty guru's on YouTube. :)

30. I love movies mainly chick flicks

31.  I have never been out of the country but I would love to travel to Australia one day.

32. i want to go skydiving one day

33. My favorite movie is WHERE THE HEART IS..

34. i HATE and will NOT watch in scary movie, suspense movies on the hand bring it on.

35. My favorite food now has be tilapia 

36. I have a milk intolerance, which I DIDN'T get until I turned like 20... worst thing ever! 
Soy milk and lactose free milk is a life saver 

37.  i  love sleeping, sometimes too much.

38. I think i have found my soul mate :D

39.  My job drives me insane and motivates me even more to get back in school.
January please hurry!!! 

40. I have 1 sister, and 3 brothers (including my brother-in-law) 

41. I have 2 angels in heaven. RIP babies. Mommy loves you even though I never got to meet you. 

42. I want to always live near some kind of water

43. I love thunderstorms 

44. I love to eat, i swear I should be over 300 lbs. but i am not thankfully thanks to my very high metabolism 

45. I swear sometimes i think I am behind on life since everyone I know from high school is pregnant, has a baby or more! oh well when the time is right God will make me a mother :)

46. my favorite candy is rolos, snickers (that time of month &
also nerds, nerd ropes and anything sour.

47. I also go by Court.

48. My nickname while i was growing up was Smiley 

49. I hate doing dishes. 

50. I tend to be a little O.C.D & a little A.D.D (bad combo if you ask me..hehe) 

WOW... that was harder than i thought..well there you go 50 facts about myself hope you enjoyed and let me know if we have anything in common! :)

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