Monday, July 15, 2013

im back... exciting news ;)

Do you remember that one time in my last post,
back in December, when I said I was going to start blogging again?!
Yeah?! Well I suck because I failed at doing so! HEY IT HAPPENS, RIGHT?

BUT, I really do miss blogging..
Having stuff to look back on in your life by just going to a website of your own
where you tell the whole world your complaints, memories, vacations and share those photos you captured of everything and anything you think will make your blog "better or cooler".
I spent some good time going back looking at my old posts remembering the good, bad and lame posts! haha.. and decided to try to get over this writers block that has been there months! 
I just wish my life lately has been filled with those vacations 
and all the fun stuff! But ever since i moved out to Georgia we honestly haven't done the most exciting things like fly out to California every other month, go to the beaches (because the closet one is 3 freaking hours away..not cool i used to live 30 mins from Gulf Shores, AL.) 

But now that things are about to get exciting again makes me want to keep documenting my life not only for myself but for my lovely followers and whenever I decide to tell my friends and family that I blog! Because honestly I like having this secret from them! I dont know why.. I just like it! Does anyone else hide there blogs from family and friends? :)

(No i am not pregnant nor engaged) 



(Me & J visiting our new home in May 13'... St. Simons Island, GA) 

We move in less than two weeks and I can't even begin to explain our excitement :)

I am going to try to make a schedule of blog updates for me to do during the week and stick at blog it this time! :)

Love always.

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