Friday, July 19, 2013

Catching up part 2 :)

 Continuing from my last post...
here is part 2
(Sorry if these posts are random and some may not be in order 
but I these are my favorite moments from the last year) 

Shortly after our trip to Atlanta, I got J & I tickets to the Florida vs. LSU game for his birthday
in Gainsville, Florida... I wish that the Gators played Alabama because that's my team (ROLL TIDE) but sadly they don't play them! :(
And even though I was super sick I sucked it up for this huge Gator fan 
and met him in Middleburg, FL. to meet all his extended family! It was such a fun time and sadly I don't have that many pictures of the whole trip just the game!

 Florida Gators vs. LSU Tigers Game Oct. 5, 2012 

A week later we had my good friends wedding in Fairhope, AL.
it was so beautiful!
& now there stationed in Hawaii, lucky!!! 

I made J take a photo shoot with me! 
Isn't he so handsome :)

I had my last days at Hooters! Man do I miss that job! 

October 28, 2012 I packed my little mustang down,
with all my clothes and everything else I needed to live!
One of the hardest things I had to do was leaving my mom & my little fur baby
because we were going to be living with his parents until we found a place! 

 My face after I left,  how da heck did i manage to fit everything in my car!?

My new home! 

After I got there I got my first job at a bar being a cocktail waitress it was fun for a week or so but the late hours were not okay for me! It was fun while it lasted & I got to meet Bubba Sparxx, he isn't the nicest person! haha

Below: Us girls with bubba sparxx  

Shortly after i found another job, it didn't work out 
& then finally I landed the job i wanted :) 

Visits back home for the holidays :) 

Made my family take pictures down by the water,
they hated me until they saw the pictures! haha.

(my mom & dad) 

J & I

 all of us
left to right: mom, dad, little brother, brother-n-law, sister, big brother, his girlfriend, J & I


 Afterwards we went bowling, I sucked at it. haha

My big sister & I

we celebrated our one year anniversary 
(sadly I don't know where the pictures are from it :( )

We moved into our first home together in February :)))

and as you can see in the pictures above,
 we got our swayze back shortly after we moved in our cute apartment! :) 

My mom met me half way to bring her and we had lunch! 
I was soooo excited and so was j :) 

We took a trip to Panama City BeacH, FL for J's spring break to see his brother :)
Even though it was still cold it was still fun..

Recents: Just going to be random and post my recent pics i thought i would share : )

That should be all for catching up on the last year...
I am working my last weekend at work and then I head to bama for a few days to visit family and friends. And before I know it we will be in our packing our Uhaul and going to our new home :) 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe :) 

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